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Metacam - how long does a dose last?


Wise Old Thumper
1.6Kg bun, using 0.6ml of 1.5mg/ml dog metacam.

How long will that 'last' in her system?

Everything i read differs, but i can't see how it could last more than 10-12 hours?

1.6Kg bun, using 0.6ml of 1.5mg/ml dog metacam.

How long will that 'last' in her system?

Everything i read differs, but i can't see how it could last more than 10-12 hours?


I have always been under the impression it lasts around 24 hours but I'm probably wrong. Dosage and bun size probably both play a part in how long its effective for as well. I know what you mean about it not lasting more then 12 hours, sounds like mostly.
Ugh, it says the same.

I can't see how this small amount can be keeping her pain free for this long and she seems to get worse as the day extends :(

Guess its back to the vets.
I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes with this, but Rhia has been on a huge dose for almost three weeks now with no adverse effects at all. I didn't continue with the 4ml a day as prescribed but she's had at least 2ml a day & a 3rd ml if she needed it (Alongside the Zantac). I know many people feel this is far too much but just to give an idea. Obviously in the longterm this may not be an option, but its worth a consideration X
If she is getting worse as the day extends I'd be tempted to give an additional dose just before her usual 'lull'. Goes without saying to OK it with vet first :)
If you know that she is in pain, then definitely contact your vet.

There may be a shorter acting opiate that can be given between doses or metacam

Left a message for her vet, as its his last day, just to see if he thinks she could have anymore, or if we should 'split dose' her.
I always split into two 12 hour doses, for both rabbits and guinea pigs. When I had bunnies I used to notice that it had totally worn off by 18 hours in.
As I understand it (and I am NOT a vet) the choice is between one large dose every 24 hours or two smaller doses (each half the size of the maximum dose).

If the pain is so severe that the half size dose dose not stop the pain then the one large dose can be used (with caution - re kidney damage etc) but this means that with most buns there is a dip in the effectiveness before time for the next dose.

Your choice is therefore modified pain over the 24 hours or complete pain removal for several hours followed by gradually increasing pain as it wears off (but see below)

It is an anti-inflammitory and so works by soothing (un-inflaming) whatever is painful (or the nerve which is transmitting the pain). However because it works this way there is also delay in when the pain is relieved - again depending on cause of pain.

Not sure this helps - but basically I guess I am just trying to say that it really is a matter of matching the cause and symptoms to the method of medicating.
Interesting thread.

Dylan has one dose when I put them to bed - which means the time varies depending on my work. He is actually getting more metacam than the vet told me because he showed a marked improvment on the higher dose. I wonder if I should be dividing the dose in two - but would find that difficult because of my two jobs.

They are all due their myxi jabs so I can ask the vet when he visits. I am sure he told me that the metacam lasts for 24 hours though - but I thought that was only when they inject it.
I spoke to Hugo's There about this for Grim when he had his teeth problems. She advised splitting the dose, but not splitting it in half. I spoke to my vet and Grim went from 0.7ml a day to 0.6ml twice a day. It was a great improvement.
Do be aware that there are several issues with metacam. In the dhorter term it can csuse gut ulcers and in the longer term kidney failure. Doses should alwYs be given on a full dtomach where at all possible. Fpr the longer term issue ypu really do need to stay withim vet guidelines. Very high doses at top of range recommenfed should only be given for as short a time as poss. I have had and know of other buns who have had kidney failure a year after using high doses for severe pain/illness. Obviosly this is even more oc sn issue if bun already has renal issues. Ps sorry for typos am on iphone as nursing bun
Ginger has bad kidneys anyway so I think Gray is just making her as comfortable as possible. :wave:
i give two doses a day, advised by the vet. just reduced slightly lately so matts on 0.7ml now and bisc 0.6ml. same dose twice a day.
The vet advised me to increase the dose every other day but Dylan was markedly less active on the days he had less metacam so he now has the same dose each day. He is elderly with arthritis and I don't want him to be in any pain. I do realise that long term use of metacam isn't ideal, and will talk to the vet about it when he does their myxi jabs.

It sounds like the metacam really helps Ginger too. I will be interested to hear what Gray's vet says about dividing the dose into two.