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John-Joe - U/D 22nd June 2024

Still no improvement for JJ. Our Vet does not want us to call it yet, but I fear I will have to this time. He’s being reviewed regularly every day, but it’s hard for me to remain positive at the moment 😢

Dara and Roisin are stable on Rx, they are eating for themselves so at least they are not needing syringe feeds.

We appreciate all of your support, thank you x
JJ has started to eat a bit of rye hay and a bit of oat hay. They are always the first thing he eats as he starts to come out of an ‘episode’. He has passed some pinhead poo too. I won’t say more for fear of tempting fate. Except that it has now also been noted that he has a sore back ☹️ Possibly arthritis. I won’t be having him Xrayed to confirm this as I would only want him to be sedated if it was a life or death situation. So we will be keeping him on Metacam for a while, even when/if he recovers from this episode of gut stasis. He’s having some laser therapy too, surprisingly he is tolerating it really well. I don’t think arthritic pain has been the primary cause of all of his previous gut episodes. On examination he has never shown any sign of back pain until today. It’s possible it could have triggered this episode though.

Dara was dry under her tail today, first time in 3 days so hopefully the abx have kicked in now. The fluid therapy and bladder expression seems to have got rid of the thick sludge, but there’s still a lot of calcium in her wee. It’s not gritty any more though.

Roisin is stable, still very snotty and sneezing. But she’s OK within herself.

Thanks again for your support x
JJ is continuing a very slow improvement. I am now trying to be as hands off as possible due to how stressed he can get after days of hands on care. He is eating quite a lot of hay, some coriander and some grass. His output remains small in size, even by his standards which is always small. But there’s more of it. He is brighter within himself too.
He will remain on all his meds for now

Dara is still dry under her tail and not ‘spot weeing’ as much. She has another 5 days of her 10 day course of abx left. She’s on Metacam too. Our Vet has said to stop the SQ fluids and manual bladder expression from today and to recheck her bladder tomorrow.
In herself Dara is OK, if somewhat put out by the indignity of having her bits messed with.

Roisin remains about the same, but she has better air entry into her lungs and the nasal discharge is now clear and watery as opposed to gloopy white. She’s eating very well and happy within herself. She had a session on the nebuliser at about 2am which she enjoyed.

Just so as he wasn’t left out Morse was sick yesterday morning. No idea what upset his tummy, but he was fine just before throwing up and fine straight after. Today he is a bit constipated, so I suspect it’s that which caused him to vomit. In himself he’s OK so I will just up his veg rations. He’s always been prone to constipation, he has had Protexin Pro-fibre daily since he was a Puppy.

I am now running on Adrenalin and tea……plus my meds !
Glad the bunnies are all doing better now, poor Morse hope his tummy has calmed down now. Hope you get a rest today Jane, sending lots of vibes for all of you xx