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Is this ramp too steep?!


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We are in the process of building our rabbit shed and unsure if this is too steep? It’s hard to tell in the photo but it’s at 45 degree angle. It will have sides and bars for grip all the way up. Maybe even carpet tiles if that helps.
Personally I do think it’s a bit too steep.

Not sure how high it is, but Rabbits can jump up on to remarkably high surfaces so they might not bother using the ramp and just jump up onto the ledge.The ramp will need a surface with good traction to avoid the Rabbits slipping and hurting themselves.
Sorry I forgot to add it’s not done yet. The levels and ramps will all have high sides. The ramp will have wooden grips all up it, I’m thinking about carpet tiles too. I just wanted to know if it’s too steep in general??
If you lift the bottom on a block of wood or brick, it will help lessen the angle of the ramp
If you lift the bottom on a block of wood or brick, it will help lessen the angle of the ramp
That's what I was thinking as well - something like a couple of breeze blocks would work. I do tend to find that rabbits prefer to jump rather than use ramps in standard hutches. Something like a 2' jump is nothing for an active rabbit. Older and less agile ones may need more consideration, though.

Putting sides on the ramps is a good idea - you don't want accidental falls from a height. Putting some sort of grips on the ramp is also useful - I've used thin pieces of wood across a ramp every 6" or so. You need to be able to clean whatever you use, which can be a bit of a pain - and some things may get chewed (like carpet or rubber matting).

The shed is looking fab. 🥰
Something you could consider instead of carpet tiles on the ramp is using the ramp as a support for a ridged drainage pipe or just replace it with the pipe. I did it for my rabbits when they were older and I noticed they were starting to have issues with the ramp and they rattled up and down it happily. Wish I'd done it sooner tbh.