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How many house buns?


Wise Old Thumper
Hiya the boss isn't about so here I comeon here to ask another stupid question.

How many house rabbits have you had living in your house at any one time?

I ask this becuase if I am going to take on another four buns, I don't know how long I will be able to leave them in hutches before guilt gets the better of me and I want to bring them into the house.

So far I have two house buns Beatrix and Marly, they are happy and don't cause any trouble (except for last night when they both got stuck under the bath and we had dismantle the entire bath to get them out, but that's another story). They have a bed to sleep in, but they have both taken to sleeping under mine. I was wondering if anyone ever had six house buns and whether they are a lot more trouble then two?
I don't know if I will cope with six sleeping under my bed and trying to play with me while getting ready for work

Thanks in advance