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Hi, I’m new on here


New Kit
Hi, I have an adopted pair of bun buns. well I took in my daughters rabbit Coco last December, she was pregnant with her third child and couldn’t deal with a rabbit as well. So he came to us, black lion lop, 2 years at the time. He only had a cage so we made him a 6x6ft area in the house. We couldn’t decide whether to leave him as a house bun on his own, we live in a bungalow so not a lot of space, or get him a friend for outside living. We decided it would be dependent on getting the right friend for him, it needed to be a female, similar age, already neutered. In march we found Daisy, adopted her. Put them together and were instant friends. Decided a hutch wasn’t the right way to go so ended up buying a Wendy house that we then added a 6x4ft covered run to it. They love it. Out for most of the day and tucked away at night.
Looking forward to getting lots of tips on this forum, particularly with this cold weather. Thanks for reading.
Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you are really looking after your Bunnies well. They sound very happy. There is lots of good advice on here and you could also have a look on the RWA's website.
Hello, and welcome to the forum! Looking forward to hearing more about your bunnies.
Hello, welcome to you, Coco and Daisy 🥰 Will be interested to hear more about your two bunnies.
Hi welcome to the forum :) your bunnies sound lovely, and very happy in their new setup. Look forward to hearing more about them.
Not sure what breed Daisy is, I know she’s a Rex with curly whiskers And a lop eared. (Hope I’ve attached this correctly)
They are very cute and lucky to be in your care.
I hope you will enjoy the information and support on ru as much as I do!