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Hoping that all you lovely bunny people may be able to help.

Pie and Mash who you can visit on the Bobtails rescue site (follow the links on rabbit rehome) are looking for a lift North.

At the moment they are in Surrey at the Bobtails rescue where they have been for a couple of years and I am hoping that someone can help to bring them to their new home in Carnoustie.

If anyone could even help in stages it would be great. Even if could get them as far up as Shrewbury it would help as my other half works there Monday to Friday.

Please help - it would be nice if they could be up here in their new home in time for Christmas as Santa will be calling on their bunny pals Kim and Aggie.

All helpers will be rewarded and mentioned in my Christmas List.


Pam, Kim & Aggie (and Pie & Mash)
Do you mean Surrey? Me and Andi are in Surrey, and we're planning a visit to Bobtails soon to meet a new French lop that should have come in earlier today. Obviously we can't manage the whole of the journey, but we could help out with collecting the bunnies and starting them off on their journey, depending on days and times. Weekends are easiest for us and we could probably get as far as Birmingham.
That would be great. :D :D Birmingham would be a great start as my partner could collect them from there unless someone else could take over from there.

My partner Frank usually comes home on a Friday but I am sure he could stay until the Saturday if that was okay with you.

lol Pam.

PS when are you collecting your lop? Is it a boy or a girl? I have changed my original message as I did mean Surrey - oops :oops: :oops:
Hi Pam

If you go to pets in need section and look at JAYPOT, KIMBUNS MUM, BERTIE/ANDI topic, we might be able to work something out :D :D
Just thought I would let everyone know that I have pm'd evryone involved in this.

have been a bit slow as have had nail extensions done and I can't type very quickly.