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Hello, new here :)

We have two bunnies which are my children's rabbits. Although they may as well be mine....

There both girls and use to get along. There almost 2. Due to be finally sprayed in two weeks. (Was booked in a long time ago but due to covid I've only just managed to rebook them in)

They use to get along but started fighting and circling each other. Since then they have lived separately. Often one of them would go sit by the others caged. (Cages was on top of each other, top caged opened up on to the sofa so it was still safe for her to get in and out) we would have to rotate turns on free froaming.

However recently nosey has started to circil me like lots and lots every time she came out....
Milo started spraying and pooping everywhere everytime she was out as well as been chin rub mad on like everything.

Due to this they have had less free roam time which made me feel awful. They do now take it in turns in the garden a few times a day to get some exercise and out time.

I've recently got them a large pen each to give them more space each, still working out how and where there going to go still. However non are happy with there pens most probarly due to now limited space vs the downstairs rooms.

I've now moved the top cage to somewhere else now to help milo get use to a new place prior to been sprayed as it wont be safe for her to jump up on the sofa and into her cage after having her operation. She isn't happy about her new location....

Currently the cages are not side by side. But a few months after the operation and they have healed and hormones have settled I want to but the cages side by side again to begin the bonding process.....

Often milo will try to run back to where her cage was and to noseys pen. I'm not sure if its cause she misses her or just wants to poop and spray and chin rub noseys things and cage/pen.

Should I keep trying to keep them completely separate for now as much as possible untill after the operation and healing time and hormones settling? Or should I let them explore the area around each others pens and have free of the house and garden like before and just rotate turns again? Depending on behaviour I.e. trying to nip, cage bar rattling and spraying. (Dont think it's fair milo will pee over noseys things 🤷*♀️)

Ideally I'm hoping with time and patience they will bond and be friends again.
Hello and welcome to the Forum. Are you sure you have 2 girls as they are behaving more like boys. I would keep them separate now until about 8 weeks after their neuters then you can begin the bonding process. They will be much calmer if kept completely separate.
Hey, thanks for commenting and welcoming me. Yes I'm pretty sure there both girls, my sister looked when we first got them and when they had there injections the vet also checked and confirmed that they was girls.

Should I just let them have there runs to explore and not use the garden for now? The only reason I'm asking this is, to use the garden as a neutral space if that's possible as they have both been in the garden so I'm not sure if it would even work but if keeping them in the runs and the garden could work as a neutral space again to start with the rebonding....I was thinking to put there runs next to each other in the garden maybe daily for a period of time and go from there.

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