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Head Tilt


New Kit
:cry: So back in May I looked out in the garden and Jack had this horrible head tilt and started rolling (flipping) like mad. I ran to the vets and got medication, but it didn't work and two weeks later the point came where I gave him steroids as a last resort. They worked! He stopped rolling and his head went back to normal like nothing had ever happened. Then he got the head tilt back again and after having been to the vets and having given him everything he still has it. My vet says that it will be like that forever now. Is there really nothing I can do? Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Sarah, there's lots of people here who have had head tilt bunnies, some buns have recovered some still have head tilt. I am not one of those (with head tilt myself, yet! :D ), but I'm sure the others will help you, don't lose heart. You'll get loads of support from us.
My bunny had something like this in May; I got up one morning and she was absolutely fine, I went in the shower and got ready to take her to the vet (she was due for her second vaccination), and when I came downstairs she couldn't keep her head straight, her eyes were rolling to the side of her head and she kept walking around in a circle!! I was all so strange! Luckily she had a vet appointment that morning, so we rushed her there and the vet admitted her & gave her some antibiotics, but within half a day she was back to herself again! We picked her up the next day and the vet was as confused as we were; he said it could've been some sort of parasite, or a disease that all Netherland Dwarfs are born with could have been triggered by something. I was really concerned about her because she was only about 7 months old at the time. But she's fine now, and as bunnyhugger said, don't lose heart with your bunny, even if he does have a head tilt for the rest of his life, he's still going to be your gorgeous bun! :D And you never know, he might recover and be back to his usual self again soon!

Take care & Blessed Be!!

XxXxX Emma XxXxX
Hi there sorry to hear your bunny has head tilt. I don't have any experience of it but try this site http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/rabrefs.html#tilt should open right at the head tilt section if it doesn't select head tilt from the drop down menu. If there's something there you vet hasn't tried print the details off make an appoitnment with your vet and let him/her see what you have found. I hope you find something which helps!

Head tilt is not easily treated. I had a bunny with it and he took about a months worth of two different antibiotics and a steriod. Some bunnies do improve and even get better after a few days but its till adviasable to keep them on the meds for a couple of weeks. Otherwise it can and often does return.