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Hamilton 2013 - 26th October 2022


Mama Doe
I'm so heartbroken to announce that we helped Hamilton cross the rainbow bridge yesterday evening. This past week, he just seemed to be winding down. He didn't feel much like eating, he wasn't very active...that zest for life sparkle was fading from his eyes. Yesterday I wrapped him up in a towel and brought him in to see if I could encourage him to eat. He just lay there on the floor, staring into nothingness. It's like he couldn't see us, like we weren't there. I brought the girls in to try and comfort him, but he was just this empty shell. It was like his spirit had already gone. I lay next to him and cried, telling him how much I loved him and that I would miss him eternally. We took him to the out of hours vets and they helped him pass peacefully. We were with him until his final moment on this earth.

I can't emphasise how special this little bunny was, and how much joy he has brought us over the past 5 years. We weren't planning on having a rabbit, but a family member no longer wanted him and we felt sorry for him, living alone in a little hutch. We had just moved into our first house together and the garden was huge - we knew we could offer him a good life. It was obvious from the moment we brought him home that he was extremely affectionate and loving, just desperate to have all of the nose rubs and cuddles.

It was thanks to Hamilton that I found this forum. I didn't know anything about how rabbits should be cared for properly, so I came on here. We got to work on building the bunny shed and the big run, so he would always have lots of room to run and play. We got him neutered and adopted Beatrice, so that he would finally get to know the love of another rabbit. Over the years he would share that love with Plumpkin, Jellybean, Lily and Maple too.

One of my nicknames for him was Snow White, because he loved all and any animals. Our cat Merlin was quite alarmed by his extroverted friendliness, and even the wild birds that would land in the run would get a fright when he bounded over to say hello. A little friendly robin used to visit the run, and they would hang out together. He was a firm favourite with any human guests at our house, as he would always be the first to greet them.

He loved eating dandelions, kale and broccoli. Especially dandelions. He loved to chin...everything! He just loved life in general really, there wasn't much that could get him down and he had so much love to share with everyone he met. I'm incredibly grateful that he 'introduced' us to being rabbit parents, because it wasn't something that my partner and I were planning on, but now it's quite hard to imagine a life without bunnies.

Rest in peace little buddy, please give a nose bump to Beatrice, Plumpkin and Jellybean from me.


His new winter sleepy hut (which he sadly only got to enjoy for one week)


With his robin friend (who we named Mr. Bobby)


















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I’m so so bc sorry to read this. I remember reading all the updates with plumpkin and Hamilton was always by her side. Hamilton left he life he deserved - you can see in his body language that his life was filled with the most special love from you and all the companions along his journey. He was such a special gentle rabbit who will always be remembered.
Binkey free gentle sweet Hamilton. Xx
I’m so sorry:cry: thinking of you and sending hugs xx

Binky free at the bridge Hamilton xx
Aw no... :cry: My heart fell seeing this post title. I'm so very sorry for you, Beapig. He was a wonderful bunny and I've no doubt he is smiling upon you from the rainbow. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely friend. Thinking of you and sending comforting hugs to you.

Sleep peacefully dear Hamilton xxxxx
I am so sorry you lost your special, lovable boy. Your tribute brought tears to my eyes and the pictures capture his wonderful life.
You gave him a great life, with lots of love, wonderful care, and bunny friends.
Sending you and his ladies lots of gentle hugs at this difficult time.
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So very sorry to hear that you had to let your precious boy go. The photos are beautiful, and he looks so happy in each one, showing what a wonderful life he had with you. Binky free beautiful Hamilton xxx
Lovely photos of Hamilton & his friends over the years :love: He had a wonderfully cheeky & expressive face. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye

Goodnight Hamilton, sleep tight & sweet dreams xx
I'm so sorry you lost this special little boy, he was an absolute character! Just reading about him brings tears to my eyes. I'm sure he will forever be thankful for the amazing chance at life that he got to have with you, you clearly did the absolute best for him, including at the end xxx
I'm so, so sorry you had to say goodbye to your wonderful Hamilton, Beapig. :cry: He sounds like such a special bunny, and you've got such beautiful photos of him and his friends enjoying life. It's so clear from the photos and from what you've told us about him that he was so very loved and had the best life a bunny could want.
Thank you very much everyone for your kind words, they mean so much, and have made the past few days much more bearable. So grateful to have this little corner of the internet to share our love of rabbits, and share in our grief when we have to say goodbye.