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Gut stasis surgery advice help

The vets called again. They keep hearing noises from his tummy! He seemed interested in parsley and they're leaving his cage door open this evening as he's the only patient left in. I'm really hoping he'll have a run (move) around & that will kick start things. Please think of my little buddy. I'm missing him so much.

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That sounds like good news - rumbling means gut mobility. Hopefully any blockage has shifted and his appetite will return. Dandelion leaves usually go down well with poorly bunnies. Moving around will also help. We now need news of poo....:D
aww that is sounding more positive. Have they repeated blood glucose - he may well have had some obstruction in his gut but its passed through (the gut is much narrower in some places than others). I hope next update he is nibbling & moving even further in the right direction. Good there are no other patients there with him.. Positive thoughts for you & your little bun
If his blood glucose decreased to rule out blockage, xray shows no blockage, and he has tummy noise; it may be time for him to get syringe feeds unless he eats enough greens/food on his own. Syringe feeds will help his tummy to move things along, add moisture to his gi system, and give him the fiber he needs to produce fecal pellets which may initially be small, firm, irregular, or even slightly softer.
Some pain meds will make the bunny sleepy and lethargic, though on the flip side bunnies in pain will not eat and we do not want our babies to be in pain.
It is lovely that he perked up when he thought he was going home. Some experienced bunny people can administer meds, fluids, syringe feeds at home, though I would suggest waiting until he has some output and he begins eating something on his own before discharging him. Though he may be well enough to discharge to a practice with more experience with rabbits.

Bunnies are prey animals, so they hide their pain well. Plus stasis can come up quickly and be painful enough for the bunny to stop eating very quickly.

Sending you and your bunny more vibes for a positive outcome.
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He's eating his veg!! He's pooping!! Very small poops but he's getting there. I'm so relieved. The vet said they'll see how he goes and he may be able to come home later. I think it's best if he's home?
Thanks so much for all the help and vibes. It means so much.

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He's eating his veg!! He's pooping!! Very small poops but he's getting there. I'm so relieved. The vet said they'll see how he goes and he may be able to come home later. I think it's best if he's home?
Thanks so much for all the help and vibes. It means so much.

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What a super update :love: Well done little one :love:
Brilliant. They usually do better in a familiar environment, but he will need keeping an eye on for at least a few days - just until he is definitely eating & pooing normally. He will probably need to come home with pain relief and gut meds, which should continue until everything is completely back to normal as well. Stopping too soon can cause the condition to regress, and that can be harder to deal with. He could also be syringe fed with a recovery food, just to top up what hes eating and get things moving again.
So relieved to hear that he is improving. I agree with Shimmer in that he would probably feel happier at home as long as you are able to medicate him, monitor his poo output and if necessary give supportive syringe feeds.
So I can collect him this evening [emoji4]. I cant believe I'm bringing him home after what the first vet said to me. I thought i was going to lose him either way with or without surgery.

The vet I just spoke to mentioned continuing the syringe feeding. So we'll do all we can to help him along.

Thanks so much for all the help.

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Firstly, you have an amazing bunny who has displayed an unbelievable depth of determination and a sheer will to live. He is a fighter and he has been through an incredible and traumatic event so early in his life. Secondly a huge pat on the back to your vets for supporting him and giving him that chance. And thirdly a huge hug to you because whilst its all too easy to be focused on the bunny, as his bun mum, you will have also had an emotional wrenching, worrying, waiting for phone calls, sometimes not wanting those calls incase, and you've also been quick to react and give him that special chance and a special home. He still has some recovery but you're doing everything right and I'm sure in his heart and soul he knows this is where he wants to be and I am sending him loads of vibes for a strong and healthy recovery and hugs to you because it is such a stressful event. Xx
He's home! They couldn't believe it was the same rabbit at the vets. The vet nurse that handed him over was warned how poorly he was. He certainly was back to himself and went straight to biting my collar [emoji23]. I think he was very impatient to get going.

Thank you for the comments.. He is such a cutie. The vet nurse said he acted more like a puppy than a bunny.

Craig, thanks for the huge message. Your words are so kind. This bun is unbelievably strong. At 10 weeks old I rescued him. He had horrendous eye infections and the vets thought he'd lose both eyes. It took a while but both eyes fully recovered. This little mite has been through hell. Hence, he doesn't really like to be held from all the medications and eye drops.

The vets have done an amazing job for not being specialists. I was looking on the invoice and he's had so much care.

Thank you for the hugs..I know most people probably think ''it's just a rabbit''. So they didn't understand how devastated I was. I had to go to work for several hours on Friday and I looked like I'd had an allergic reaction my eyes were so swollen. All the guys avoided me [emoji23].

I've just got to keep everything crossed he's going to stay well now he's home. He definitely seems happy [emoji4].


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I hope he's got some pain meds and gut stimulants. You need to keep a close eye on him to make sure he's eating, weeing and pooing until he's totally back to normal. Looking really good so far, though.
I hope he will continue to improve :) Monitoring his poo output is as important as monitoring his eating and as Shimmer said, he will need to remain on medication until both input and output are 100% back to normal. Try to encourage him to have a good water intake too. He probably won’t feel thirsty at first if he has been on IV fluids for several days. But it’s still important for him to drink to insure gut contents are well hydrated.
I am so happy for you. As Shimmer and IM said, be sure to monitor him closely and it may be prudent to have him on pain and gut meds for a short while.
Anyone who ever experienced the love and companionship of these amazing beings knows they are special and so much more than 'just a bunny'.
Thank you. He seems pretty good with pooping and eating. Apparently he was drinking by himself at the vets but not a massive amount here. He's on gut stimulant medication but they gave me no pain relief. I think he was bouncing off the walls to get out, so they didn't think he was in pain anymore. He's back to his normal self here and I'm keeping a close eye if he's in pain.
I have posted in behaviour (hope that's OK to say here). I'm having a whole new nightmare [emoji22].

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Sorry, its me again. Bubo is pooping well and it's been quite sticky.. But now they're really quite runny. It's hard to pick them up. Is this normal or a sign things aren't right?

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