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Giving rabbits medicine


Mama Doe
I’ve posted before about betsy and her abscesses.
Abscess seems to be greatly improved, she went to the vets last week for more meds. As there is still swelling the vet gave us an additional 21 days of medicine to try and clear as much as possible as this is the second abscess in the same place.

So she has had metacam twice a day which the vet has told us to lower to once a day, then after a week every other day to get her off it. I don’t think she needs it, she is pretty lively and active and the sore skin seems to have healed over from what I can see (she hates handling)

The metacam isn’t a problem, she likes that and licks it out the tube.

She hates the baytril. She is obviously back to her usual stubborn self as she would take it a few days ago. She now fights, bites the towel I have her wrapped in quite viciously and throws the syring if she can get hold of it. It takes 2 of us to give her medicine. I hold her and my husband puts the medicine in. She is no longer getting the full dose as some of it gets spat out, but we still try twice a day.

How can I give it to her? She won’t take treats from my hand so I can’t disguise it that way. Bertie is likely to eat some if I put it in her food. I would do with something just to make it taste nicer. She has to have quite a lot so it’s usually 3 squirts of the syring to get it in to her! Not sure I’m going to be able to manage another 2 weeks. I might lose a finger. The towel I use is now full of holes!
One method to try

You can mix a bit of pure apple juice with the Baytril or dip the tip of the syringe into some fruit purée
One method to try

You can mix a bit of pure apple juice with the Baytril or dip the tip of the syringe into some fruit purée
Thank you :)
He looks like a much more well behaved bunny than Betsy. I’ve used a similar method for Bertie as he will take a syringe. I’ve found only the bunny burrito works for Betsy but it’s her teeth that get in the way! She just tries to grab the syringe and pull it away or eat the towel. She gets very angry.
We push the syringe between the teeth at the side so have the placement right I think.
I will get some apple juice though, that’s a good idea. I think if she likes the taste she won’t get so angry as she doesn’t mind the metacam as it must taste better.

She is such a stubborn bunny. It was all working well when she actually felt ill but now she is obviously feeling better