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george wants to be a guniea pig


Wise Old Thumper
He was keeping his eye out last night incase they left any food


Quick chuckie has left some carrot!!
awwww how adorable,he is a right little character
when i got faye she was living with a g pig and she started to act like one for a bit lol like making a few noises and she moved around like one lol
aawwww.. give him a bit! :lol: :lol:
Chuckie still looks really teeny weeny eh.. such a cutie.
sweet, Looks like George is protecting his family :wink: :D

Its amazing how pictures can be so deceiving because Crunchie is quite a BIG G/piggie :shock: or is it that Chuckie is sooooo Tiny :? :? :lol: :lol:
AAAAAAAAAHHHH bless!!! i don't know whether its because crunchie looks so big or chuckie is so small that makes this picture cute!!!
awwwwwww lovely :D
It's good you can trust your animals with each other, I have had Hugo out with Brian but I still don't trust Blueberry near him :roll:
If he is anything like my Mum's dog it isn't the food he is after, but what the guineas turn the food into :shock: Millie always raids the litter trays if the guineas have been using them :roll:

Maybe I should collect the guinea poos up and sell them on ebay as dog treats :lol: