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Farewell Sully ;_;


Wise Old Thumper
Taken too soon. You would've had a good life with me. It just wasn't meant to be.
I can't cope. Too soon after losing Jenna. Too much grief to bear. I hope I made the time we had together happy for you, sweet boy.
I hope you and Jenna can see me from the Bridge. Take care of each other till I get there.

I didn't mean to fall in love with you...but I do love you, you big kaiju cat. I'll never forget you.
Sleep peacefully and sweet dreams. xxxxx
So sorry to read that Sully has gone to the Bridge. At least he knew love at the end of his life xxx
Sleep tight, beautiful puss.

What happened?
Tested positive for FIV. Active infection in his paw, already a massive abscess, elevated temperature...the vet's recommendation was to euthanize.

I couldn't have left him outside, couldn't bring him in without exposing Squeegee, and finding a home elsewhere for him would've been impossible.

I'm completely wrecked. There's no sense to it. I feel like I should've waited but he could hardly walk this morning, and urinated in his carrier...it didn't smell right, so something was already taking him from me.

Feel so lost and useless. He was such a kind and gentle cat. He didn't deserve it. 😢😢😢😢😢
He was better off being loved and cared for with you for the short time that it was. He would have really struggled and suffered if he hadn't found you, so thank you for looking after him.
You did the best you could for him, I’m sorry you had to make such a hard decision 😢xx
Thank you everyone.

There are no words for my despair. I wish there had been more time; time to think about what I was doing this morning, time with him...he never got to sleep on my bed, have a warm, dry house to watch birds outside the window, a companion in Squeegee to play with...and all my devotion. He pulled me out of my pit of sorrow at losing Jenna. Now I'm drowning in regrets.

It was so miserable, cold, windy and wet all night...and he suffered in it in pain. He had the shelter I built him, but it wasn't anywhere near what I meant for him. I'm certain he didn't move from it after I last fed him at around 10:30 last night to when I gave him his chicken this morning. He must've been so uncomfortable.

When I was in my early 20's I lost my Siamese who had been with me since I was 10 years old. She had FIP. I fought so hard and spent so much trying to save her from an incurable disease that had taken firm hold of her. I remember her eyes the last time I saw her alive, pleading with me to stop...she passed on her own in a cage at the vet 30 minutes later.

Sully seemed so well last week. He was still so strong today that I fought to crate him. Even after he'd been injected and had stopped breathing the vet had to ask for more euthanasia solution to stop his heart. He died in the few moments that we waited for the nurse to return.

He didn't want to leave.

I told him while we were driving in that everything would be okay...that we'd get his paw fixed up and come home. I'd been telling him for weeks that as soon as he passed his physical he'd come in the house which he clearly wanted. And which I realized, in the time I'd spent with him since he arrived, how badly I needed. And now....all my promises were broken. That quickly...without the peace I had hoped to give him...he's gone. 😭

I'm destroyed by his loss. I'm furious with whoever dumped him for not taking better care of his gentle soul. May they rot in hell. Look what I had to do to clean up their mess.😡

No amount of care I gave him can balance my grief and guilt. I can't see this as good in any way.

I'm so, so sorry, Sully. 😢😢😢😢😢
I realise there are no words that can ease the pain you are feeling. So I won’t try to find what doesn’t exist. I am sitting with you in thought, if not in person due to our geographical divide. I also send you this image to hold in your mind, it’s one of the ones that I cling on to when I am about to tip over the edge…..IMG_2248.png
Thank you, Jane. ❤️
Awww...that picture of the Inspector...so blissful. ❤️

I'm trying to imagine that Sully and Jenna are snuggled up somewhere together. He certainly did seem confused and maybe a little sad that I wasn't out at all hours with her so he could walk with us anymore. I think he knew. And I think he was sent to me, if for no other reason than I could do this today. I just wish that we could have had awhile longer. 💔

Thank you for your kind words, my dear friend. Thank you for being there.

Thanks to everyone who posted or who have just sent a thought my way. Having you and RU to come to means more than you can know. Bless you all. xxxxx
I'm so very sorry to hear that you had to let Sully go. It's heartbreakingly unfair but he's very privileged to have had you there to help him pass when his suffering was too much. The kindest act for him, but devastating for you I'm sure. 💔

Sleep tight Sully.
I'm so very sorry to hear about Sully MM, I feel heartbroken for you. You showed him love and compassion, something that was obviously lacking in his life, and did the final act of kindness in letting him go. Sweet dreams Sully, I'm glad you found love xx Sending you a big hug MM xx
I'm so incredibly sorry you've lost Sully. This is so, so horribly sad... While I'm glad he at least got to know you and have some kindness in his life, I'm really sorry he never got to have that safe, comfy life with you indoors that you wanted for him. And now you're grieving two friends instead of one... How very, very painful that must be for you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, MM.
Very normal after losing Jenna. We always blame ourselves and relive the end, tormenting ourselves over and over and how we could have changed things.

Big big hugs xxxxx
Thank you all so much, everyone of you. Your kind words have touched me so. Ohh... here I go again 😥😢😭
It's so empty on my porch this morning. I drempt of him all night. Even Squeegee seems a little lost today. Where is his new buddy? He keeps looking out the window and crying softly. 🥺

Yeah...gonna take awhile to process. I'm going to ask for a few extra days off from work because I'll be useless. I can't just sit still because it all piles on top of me. But there's gardening to be done and weatherproofing before the storms really rip. I won't be lacking for distractions.

I'm still so sorry. 😥