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FAQ Bunny Toys


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Keep Everyone Happy With Brilliant Bunny Toys!

Imagine being locked in a room all day with no TV, radio, magazines, books – in fact nothing to distract or entertain you.

You wouldn’t want it, neither does a bunny! So make sure it doesn’t happen by providing enough toys and activities to keep your furry friends amused all day long.

No matter what your rabbit’s age, size, sex or breed, toys should form an important part of their lifestyle, providing a healthy mix of fun, exercise and stimulation.

For indoor rabbits they also allow your rabbit to safely practice natural behaviour, such as chewing, digging and climbing, but not at the expense of your favourite piece of furniture...

And the best news of all? With a bit of creative thinking and spare time, you can create some fabulous rabbit toys for no money whatsoever!

Here are some of the most popular rabbit toys:


Boxes are great for digging in, climbing on and running through. By using a lot of boxes you can create a playground for your rabbit. You can cut holes in the sides of the boxes and your rabbits will love to run through or hide in them!

Add shredded newspaper, hay or straw. Rabbits love this and it’s great to dig in! So, don’t throw away those old cereal boxes again, they may provide your rabbit with hours of entertainment! The more creative you are, the more fun your rabbits will have!

Here is a picture of a simple box that I used for Sophie!



Cat balls or treat balls (that leave a treat when the ball is rolled) are great fun. My bun enjoys making as much noise as she can by rolling around a plastic ball with a bell in the middle!

Balls are ideal for rabbits that love to nudge and push things around.


Plastic baby rattles are good if your rabbit likes throwing things around. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Pet shops now make some especially for small animals.



Rabbits love to shred newspaper and yellow pages. If your rabbit has a favourite corner of the room to dig in, place the yellow pages in that corner. It might just save your carpet and entertain your rabbit at the same time!


A very inexpensive toy that rabbits love. They enjoy tossing these around and chewing them. Try filling them with hay to make a tasty toy! You can get these from the insides of toilet rolls and kitchen towel.



Untreated vine balls, straw toys, wicker baskets (great for filling up with grass or toys) fruit twigs (although avoid redwood, cherry, peach, apricot or plum twigs as these can be toxic), sea grass, pine cones and wooden chew toys are all good. These will also promote healthy chewing and help to maintain healthy teeth.



These are good if you hang them from the top of a cage. They are good for bunnies that like to hit things! Make sure they are not the plastic toys that can be easily chewed.


Some rabbits love to bunch these up, pull or push them. Make sure the towel has low nubs and make sure your rabbit doesn’t actually eat the towel.


Some pet shop cat trees are good for rabbits that enjoy climbing. You can also use ramps and cardboard boxes to create good climbing toys! The cat trees may be used to distract those acrobatic rabbits that love jumping off your windowsills!


Please remember to supervise your buns at all times with any toys that you give them. Toys should be part of a healthy lifestyle including exercise, company and a good diet.

Here are some good websites for rabbit toys:






This was written based on my own experience and with using


Pictures taken are of the toys used for my rabbit.

Written by Loopylop, May 2005