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Candle Ceremony 2022

Bunny Buddy

Wise Old Thumper
Just taking a moment to remember our special friends that we have lost during 2022.

For my own little family, I remember:

Olly, who left me totally unexpectedly back in March. I found him collapsed, having suffered a heart attack. I had no idea he was anything other than a robust 7-year-old.

Then in May, after quite a courageous battle, Eliza eventually succumbed to whatever disease process was going on in her skull. She had had an eye removed weeks earlier but something more sinister was going on.

I was floored just 56 days later when Eliza's devoted companion, Skunk, had gone downhill from seeming happy and healthy when she was around to very unwell and needed helping to the bridge. He too had heart issues. A broken heart most likely. My third 7-year-old bunny gone in a short space of time.

Despite the losses, my geriatric bunch were toddling along and I thought I was going to get through 2022 without any further losses. However, Betsy at 10.5 years had begun to look frail and lose condition over the last month. My beautiful girl crossed to the bridge at 2.15am this morning, leaving Ruben widowed for the second time.

Sending hugs and thoughts to all who have lost companions this year.
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So sorry for your losses, and really sorry that you lost Betsy this morning. I have had no losses, but will be remembering all of my furry companions that have shared my life over the years.
I am also thinking of those special RU furries that have gone to the bridge this year xx
I will light a candle for my beloved Joey & Mouseypie who we lost this year

Sending lots of squishy hugs to everyone, who is thinking about lost loved ones at this New Year.