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Can Atticus have some vibes please?

Lots of vibes for your poorly Atticus. Think you could probably do with a hug, too, so sending that as well!
I am really sorry he’s having another episode :cry: I have recently encountered another Rex with the exact same problem as Atticus. He’s only a youngster, but he’s called Grandpa. He’s just come through a horrible episode and I hope Atticus will get through his too. Sending lots of vibes for him :love:
Aw, poor Atticus. :( Sending normalizing gut vibes with all due speed. I empathize with the pets picking weekends to be unwell, too...We've got Labor Day this weekend and I'm sure I'll have to run to the next town for Jenna in the next few days. They just seem to know! :(
Big hugs coming your way for you, too, Graciee. xxxxx
Really sorry he is poorly again...at the weekend too :( though I'm glad it didn't happen earlier & wreck your hols

Loads of vibes
Thanks bunny momma, he always picks a Friday or the weekend I swear!

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Mine know when vet is not available and I think they plan it that way.
That being said, you have gotten him through some horrific episodes in the past and I have faith in you to give him the best possible care.
Sending you lots of hugs to you and more positive vibes to your boy.
Thanks everyone, he's still really not good :( in really worried tbh

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Thanks everyone, he's still really not good :( in really worried tbh

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I'm so sorry he's still really not good. :( I'll keep sending him lots and lots of vibes until he feels better. I really hope he'll start showing signs of improvement soon. :(
Thanks everyone, he's still really not good :( in really worried tbh

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He has had episodes that have taken several days to resolve, so try not to panic. Rich coming from me I know…..

Sending millions more vibes for him x