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Bertie - My Beautiful Boy


Young Bun
My handsome boy. My sweet, shy boy. Such a big heart ♥️

Your First Love was Cookie. There was no pen high enough, no grid small enough and no netting tight enough to keep you away. You were a magnificent escape artist. We lost her, but I know you carried a part of her in your heart.

Your Biggest Love was Bella. Your twin and constant companion. Where there was one, there was the other. Two fluffy butts sprinting across the floor, thinking you were so naughty. You never figured out I left the door wide open for this very reason.

When Bella passed, your bright light went out. Those who say animals have no feelings did not witness your grief. It was real, and raw. You didn’t want to eat, or run or play. I though we were going to lose you too.

Your True Love was Pepper. She embraced your grief and gave you so much love. You slowly found your way again. She wanted to eat, and run, and play. You joined her. For six years, she has been your beloved. Always ready with kisses and snuggles - and quick to steal your treats. She won’t sleep tonight. She is looking for her Love.

Your Polyamorous Loves - Lola and Bailey. One is too wild, the other too scatty. Their love is fierce - and maybe a little scary. But you enjoyed their adoration - as long as they weren’t too forward. Looking but no touching.

- - -

One of my favourite memories is the vet having to tell me you escaped, so she had to play chase on all fours - such a clever boy! ♥️

Binky free, my beautiful Bertie. We will take good care of your girls ♥️♥️♥️

- - -

*Previous name: Beau Belle
What a lovely tribute to your special boy!
You gave him a great life. Sending hugs to you and his girls.
What an amazing love filled, companion filled life Bertie had. He was so blessed to have such a wonderful family round him with such fantastic companions. He truly had the life he so rightly deserved. Binkey free beautiful Bertie.
Big hugs to you xx