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Bertie has just passed - 24th may 2024

Craig 1965

Warren Veteran
I'm just posting quickly to let everybun know that we sadly lost our beautiful Bertie this afternoon. He developed stasis yesterday and we got him to the vet straight away. He seemed to start to improve yesterday evening and was eating some dried treats and fresh dandelion. But this morning he deteriorated and I rushed him to the vet where they diagnosed bloat- confirmed by x-ray. The vets threw everything at Bertie but this afternoon as I was in a meeting with my support worker, the vet rang to say that sadly Bertie had passed.
I'll post more later - we are going to go now and collect him from the vet. I am now empty and just totally broken. I'm sorry to everyone that followed his journey with us and his beloved flo.
Craig x
oh gosh :( what sad news. I'm so very sorry Craig, big, big hugs to you & Jan, nose bumps for Flo

Sleep tight, sweet dreams beautiful Bertie bun. I'll miss you xx
Omg Craig, A few seconds ago I was just reading the post about you and Bertie, I'm so sorry, may he rest in peace, I'm sending you lots of hugs ☹️☹️🩷🩷🩷
Oh, how heartbreaking... I'm so incredibly sorry you've lost your beloved Bertie so suddenly, Craig. It must be such a shock, when he seemed to be doing better yesterday... Sweet dreams, sweet Bertie. Poor Flo... Sending hugs for you and Jan.
Oh Craig I'm so sorry. Sweet dreams beautiful Bertie. We are all going to miss reading about you and seeing your photos. A much loved member of the forum. ❤️ :cry:
I don't usually visit Rainbow Bridge but saw your entry. I am so, so, sorry Craig. Bertie and Flo had such a strong bond and I know you and Jan gave him the most amazing home. Thinking of you all as you try to cope with such an overwhelming loss xxx
Oh Craig :( I'm so sorry to read this sad update. What a fantastic home he had with you all.
Thinking of you all x
Oh Craig, I'm so very sorry. 😢 How devastating...there's simply no words. 😢
Sending hugs to you, Jan and dear Flo.
Sleep peacefully, sweet Bertie. 💔💔💔 xxxxx
I am so sorry Bertie passed so suddenly. You and Jan give your bunnies excellent care, so it is so unfair that you are dealing with the loss of another bunny.

Please take comfort in knowing that his time with your family gave him the best life a bunny could ever dream about --a forever home with a loving family, bonded partner, and a wonderful yard in which to hop and binky with his best friends.

Sending you lots of gentle hugs as you process this senseless loss, and extra nose rubs for Flo. 💔 🌈
Thank you each and everybun for your kind support and thoughts. It means alot right now. I will post a suitable tribute post on here for Bertie but I'm not really up to that at the moment.
Thank you again and I'm sorry I haven't been as active on here as usual.
Craig x