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Wise Old Thumper

I only knew you for 3 weeks but you were such a character and so very loved.

I was so looking forward to you running in the garden in the summer but it wasn’t meant to be.

You had 3 glorious weeks of freedom here, you loved your hay and playing with your toys. You were the perfect little bunny.

Binky free happily at The Bridge, little one. Taken far, far too soon xxxxxx

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I’m so sorry:cry: they are never with us long enough. But he had the best life possible.

Binky free Bailey xx
Farewell beautiful rabbit :cry: Whilst your life on earth was short, it's very clear you brought great joy to many :love: May you sleep very peacefully.
I'm so very sad for your loss. :cry: Bailey was beautiful. :love:
Sending hugs to you. Sweet dreams, Bailey. xxxxx