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Aoife- 17th September 2023

Thank you everyone

Aoife was such a gentle soul. Having to let her go has left me feeling utterly retched :cry:

I am yet again eternally grateful to my friend and Vet who enabled Aoife to slip away peacefully on my lap at home.

You gave Aoife a wonderful life full of love and caring. She got excellent care even when your own disability made it physically painful for you. Giving her a peaceful end to her failing body took an enormous amount of love when you knew it would break your heart.
You have suffered a lot of loss in a short amount of time. Sending you gentle hugs and lots of love.


I have a few things on order to add to Aoife's memorial
Aoife's memorial is now complete :love: :cry: :love:

The Jellycat Bunny is a Special Edition for Christmas 2023. She has been customised, as you can see. I bought the rose gold heart necklace from a Seller on Etsy










:love: :cry: :love:

I miss her so much.....:cry:
The Jellycat bunny is lovely :love: I also love the heart on the wall and the pic of Aoife :love:

She was a very special rabbit :love: