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Aoife- 17th September 2023


Wise Old Thumper
My beautiful, precious girl. I will never forget you and I will love you forever.

Be pain free and at peace now Aoife. We will all be together again eventually, somehow


:love: :cry: :cry: :love:
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Binky free at the bridge beautiful girl.

I’m so sorry Jane xxx

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I’m so sorry to read this :cry:
What a wonderful life she had with you xx

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Oh no.... :cry::cry::cry:
Jane, I'm so very sorry. I feared this post was coming considering others you have made in the last day or so. I'm heartbroken for you, Aoife was so unique, so sweet. :cry:
You're in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend. I can empathize with the deep sadness you're feeling as your animal family is missing another member. :cry:
Peace to you, and comforting ((((((Huge hugs)))))). xxxxx
I’m so sorry :cry: binky free at the bridge beautiful girl xx

Thinking of you and sending hugs xx
A gentle, charismatic bunny who lived life as she should have lived it - full of love and care with you. Binkey free beautiful gentle Aoife. Xx
So very sorry for your loss Jane. Hope the remaining 3 rabbits and Morse can bring you some comfort at this sad time.