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Zorro's gotcha day

bunny momma

Wise Old Thumper
Today marks three years since I brought home Zorro, covered in bites from another bunny, to join his sister, Amber, who I got a month earlier.
It pains me that I did not take him home days earlier, before he was bullied, because I was struggling with getting another bunny from the pet store. I regularly tell him how sorry I am for leaving him in that awful place. However, his experience did not change his sweet disposition.
Zorro and Amber are an evenly matched pair. They do almost everything together-often sitting side by side or taking turns eating their pellet ration from the same small bowl.
They started out as my bunnies, yet after my knee replacement surgery almost a year ago when my spouse was taking care of them, they chose him and he could resist them. They now have two human servants.
Aw happy gotcha day Zorro :love: I remember you going back for him Bunny momma, after you got Amber, can't believe it's been 3 years. They're both very lucky bunnies choosing you and your husband :)
Happy Gotcha Day, Zorro :love: I remember also when you brought him home. Lucky bunnies with two human servants.