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Sore Hocks

Great ideas in there, the memory foam mat idea is one I would not have thought of :thumb:
Thanks for posting, Jane. My dad had given me some of the memory foam mats which were great when my dog was ill. I didn't think of using them for sore hocks.

What would be best in an outdoor run? Are the foam mats you can buy for camping any good?

I would love some rex's one day, but have concrete in my runs.
Brilliant video did not know rabbits had pink bits on their feet! I would always check with my vet before attempting anything like this but it was really informative am now looking for memory foam and fleeces!:wave:
Great video, thanks Jane :wave: this is something that's worrying me, as Daisy will be living inside soon on carpet, and she is very prone to sore hocks :( need cheap memory foam!!!