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Slabs in run?


New Kit
Is this bad for bunnies? I would obviously have a dig box etc and access to the whole garden that's bunny proof when we are around. Im still in process of planning a bunny shed and this is something I'm stuck on. Currently the area where the run will go is just mud and bark. I thought about doing mesh then turf but I'm not sure how expensive this will be and the shed and run itself is looking to be about £700 so far at the very least, most likely more as I'm a bit clueless on the cost on wood, my partner thinks about £1000 🫠
Our bunnies' run has been built on concrete slabs and I find them ideal. They are easy to keep clean. The bunnies are very active on them and I've found no side effects. You would need to keep a watch out for sore hocks though, as they would not be appropriate for bunnies suffering with those. Not all bunnies have this problem though and previously we've had a family of four Rex bunnies living out there, also with no issues.
Bark on mud really doesn't last very long. I have to top up every month or so, which makes slabs much more cost effective and much easier to keep clean & hygienic (eg for EC contamination). It's also escape proof and will stop foxes digging in, and will look much smarter all the time.

I used to have grass, but unless you can physically move a run at least a couple of times a week, it will turn to mud. Hence my use of bark chippings as the runs I'm using are not moveable.

You can provide an area of grass in a separate container (eg leaky old kids sandpits), or remove a couple of central slabs, mesh the ground and lay turf on top of that area. Or make them some low raised beds with timber, bricks or breeze blocks on top of the slabs.

Grass won't grow very well in a shaded or covered area, either. So it really needs full exposure to the weather.