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Sexing Buns!


Warren Scout
Oh my isn't this fun?! NOT! :shock:

I've always liked male bunnies better so when we bought our buns from a breeder nearby, I asked for two males, infact they are two brothers~

Benny and Timmy

Last week I went to a different vets for vaccines and she questioned Tim's sex saying she thought he was infact a she :?
I came away feeling disheartened. I bought them to live together and separating them would be sad. Neutering/spaying is still far off yet as they are only just coming up to 9wks of age.
From experience I know that young bunnies are hard to sex but I would have thought the breeder would have had more idea since he is a mature gent who has kept and bred rabbits since he was a young lad.
I have kept a very watchful eye on the buns and have checked daily to see how their underparts are maturing :oops:

(Exactly what age are they capable of becoming pregnant?
I don't want to risk health due to pregnancy or increase bunny numbers!!!)

Anyway like I said, I have been looking at them daily comparing them to some very good photos I found last week of some buns who are around the same age.

Last week I was very unsure but yesterday I felt about 90% sure that Tim is indeed a male and fingers crossed I'm proved 100% right soon!
I don't know what to do if I am wrong!
If its any colsolation its more normal for a girl to turn into a boy than the other way around :D

I presume you realise they'll need neutering as soon as their bits decend any way to prevent fighting?

Sorry I'm no good at sexing, I'll leave that to our experts :)

Ah, the joys of having a digital camera! :D

Just been out and taken some pics for you...
The rabbits in the photos are 7 weeks old - I may do some of adult rabbits later, although they are much easier to sex.

There is a knack to doing it, as you need to see the internal sex organs.
Lay the rabbit on your lap, tummy up.
With one hand, hold the tail between index & middle finger, and then with your thumb press down at the top of the genital area. The sex organ will then reveal itself. Don't be afraid to press quite firmly, as you need to see how far it will come out - if you don't press enough, the tip of a buck's penis can resemble a doe's vagina, but if pressed enough so that it extends fully, the difference is more obvious.

Here we go:


Close-up of buck's genitalia:


Close-up of doe:


Models supplied courtesy of the Floyd Family

Hope this helps!
KATHY said:
OOOooo graphic descriptions :oops:
:lol: :lol: Quite Kathy, but the pictures graphic or not, do help us get to the bottom of sexing rabbits :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks Sue :thumb:
Fantastic, thats the best guide I have seen yet :thumb:

Even better that it is done using such immature rabs. When my rescued doe had her litter I was guessing for ages, and one of them in particular looked different every time I looked. I thought he was female most of the time :oops:
Actually you may be better off with one of each as I have found that a male pair will start to fight before they are old enough to be castrated, but as a doe need to be slightly older before she can get pregnant as long as you get the buck castrated as soon as his bits descend you will have a happy couple.
Rallybunny said:
I'd love to see some pics of the babies' faces too though!

Sorry, but they're far too embarrassed now!

They only took part in the photo shoot on condition I didn't show their faces so they could remain anonymous. If they ever become famous, they don't want the tabloids getting hold of these inimate photographs.

You should have seen the privacy contract they made me sign!! :lol:
Bunny Mum In Internet Rabbit Porn Shocker!!!


Poor little mites. I bet they saw you coming and got all excited. 'Look it's mum. Cuddles and food!' And then you whipped out their bits in the cold autumn air so you could embarass them in front of your friends. And we all know that as soon as either of them brings one of their friends home you'll sit them down and show them the photos.
very interesting LOL and great pics...

but look same to me !!!lolol :?


well Mubby is such a strange name it coudl be a boy or girl!! lol :lol:
hehe wow that is good sue.
They look pretty similar to me too so im not suprised its easy to make mistakes.

Those are absolutely gorgeous rabbits Lisa! Are they lionheads?
Ahhh thanks Sue, you make sexing buns a doddle! :thumb:
I have to say, seeing those pics side by side makes it look so much easier.
I noticed today when I was checking mine that I could see a darkish pink patch on either side of Benny's genitalia. Timmy has so much fur down there that I really need a second pair of hands to forage around lol.

Thanks for the pics anyway, and thankyou bunnies!

I would just like to say thanks for the photos! I have just thought that my little girl is now a little boy!!

Anna xx

Interesting pictures ummmmmmm :oops:

Just wanted to say gorgeous gorgeous bunnies!!!