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RIP Harry


Mama Doe
Tonight we said goodbye to our remaing cheeky black and white bunny Harry. He's gone to join his lifelong partner Daisy in bunny heaven. I sat with him as he went 😢
He was nearly 13 bless him, gosh our house feels so empty and quiet.
Sleep tight Harry xxScreenshot_20240327_212940_Facebook.jpg
I am sorry for your loss. It must have given him great comfort to have you with him when he passed. 13 is a nice age, yet it is never long enough.
I'm so very sorry to read that Harry has gone. 😥 Sending comforting hugs and thoughts to you at this deeply sad time.
Sleep peacefully, Harry. xxxxx
So sorry he had to leave you, 13 wonderful age, and lovely that he died peacefully in his own home surrounded by love. Sweet dreams Harry xxx
Oh, I'm so, so sorry it was time to say goodbye to your dear Harry... Sweet dreams, cheeky Harry. ❤️ It must be so sad to have the house so quiet and empty...