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RIP Gladiators


Warren Scout
My wonderful gladiators Crixus and Spartacus are now reunited in Rainbow Bridge - Crixus left in April 2023 and Spartacus joined her this week.

I wanted to take the opportunity to again thank those of you who helped with their bonding (they had 9 very happy years together) and with Spartacus' digestive issues when I first adopted him as wingbun for Crixus - he had years stasis free and a healthy old age (until an unexpected decline last weekend) thanks to the advice i received from many members (with special mention to Jack's Jane and Tonibun). Life as a first time bunny guardian, and the lives of the bunnies could have been so much harder without the support given here.

They were both such amazing characters in their own ways - Crixus mischievous, bright and always on alert, Spartacus, gentle, calm and a vertical binky expert:)

I miss them both so much.


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What lovely bunnies! I'm so sorry you have now lost both Crixus and Spartacus but, as you say, they are now reunited at Rainbow Bridge. X