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Rabbit eye ulcer not healing


New Kit

A couple of weeks ago we noticed his eye was closed and wet, took him to the vet the next day and the vet said he had an eye ulcer. Vet prescribed 2 drops of Isathal and Remend a day (Remend drop first and then wait 10 mins before putting Isathal in).

Took him back today and only very slight improvement, we are to finish the Isathal and then move to Tiacil with the Remend.

Have others been told to do Remend drop before Isathal or Tiacil?
IME chloramphenicol has been more effective to treat eye ulcers than either Isathal or Tiacil. CMP has better penetration into the corneas

Has the Vet suggested what caused thebulcer ?

Some information about indolent corneal ulcers here :

Thank you!!

Think he may have stretched it cleaning himself so we’ve had his nails cut a bit shorter too.

I’ve seen some posts saying remend should go in after the antibiotic drops?
It should be used after using an antibiotic eye treatment. If it’s used before it can prevent the antibiotic being absorbed into where it’s needed.