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Rabbit Edibles

yes, it's thought to be safe, but some buns don't like the taste of it, it's quite strong. It's supposed to be useful for ridding buns of worms.
Veggies for buns (courgette and leek)!

I've just trawled through all the postings on this topic and found nothing on courgette or leek. As courgettes are kind of related to cucumbers I guess they are ok but it's funny no-one seems to mention it.
Looking forward to some suggestions!

Re: Veggies for buns (courgette and leek)!

I would think either are ok for bunnies, although leeks might be an aquired taste, there quite oniony aren't they?
Actually thinking about I did buy a courgette for Blueberry a while ago, but it had some teeth marks in it but she didn't actually eat it :roll: and for Blue thats saying something!! :lol:

p.s. this topic is in the sticky -useful topics at the top of this page.

Does anyone know if bindweed is poisonous? The list on the 'dandelion leaves' thread says they are - but I didn't think so? :?


Edana, Benji and Pepper :love:
sunshine said:
Louise said:-According to Virginia Richardson in Rabbit Lopeadia BINDWEED is safe to feed. I feed it to my Rabbit's two/three tme's a week and I have done for the past few months with no probs.

Lynda said:-
According to Virginia Richardson MRCVS (Rabbit Nutrition book), Bindweed/Convolvulus is listed under the most poisonous plants on page 38.

Coincidentally I bought the Rabbitlopaedia today and I've checked it does say bindwind is OK to feed whereas the rabbit nutrition book by the same author says that its poisonous. Confusing or what. The rabbitlopaedia also says not to feed cabbage as too much has been found to cause goitre in rabbits.

This is what was found previously re bindweed. The choice is yours :wink: :D

:lol: thanks for telling me that - I skipped a few pages!

I guess it's best to be too cautious - lack of bindweed in their diet is not going to cause my bunnies distress - and I can find safer alternatives (plantain for one)...

Just because your bunny doesn't lay down and die 5 mins after eating something doesn't mean it's not poisonous - a plant is classed as 'poisonous' if it irritates the throat or causes stomach ache, whereas some poisons accumulate in the liver over time, eventually causing serious illness.

The trouble with the 'poisonous plants' lists I've found online is that some are written for cats, some for birds, some for horses, reptiles, etc - sheep can safely eat strychnine - and is it guinea pigs that can eat arsenic?? Whatever - poisons are species specific - and so lists are confusing if they're written for different species of animals than your own.
It gets even more confusing when someone writes a book on rabbits and uses all the references for plants that poison reptiles...

I would rather play safe - I'm sticking to what I KNOW is OK for my boys to eat...errm - would that include cabbage now or not?? :roll:

Edana, Benji and Pepper :love:
Confused of Farncombe

Thumper and Woolly both tuck into Geranium petals - dont tend to eat the stalks. I presume this is okay? Thumper also likes to do a good job on pruning the roses (petals & stems)!!! They have also recently taken a liking to the flowers on Red Hot Pokers. They both like dried Cheery Tree leaves especially Thumper (apparently Cherry wood is highly toxic to buns!). As for Clematis I wish someone would tell Woolly its not good for him!

For breakfast they have 1 - 2 carrots from the fridge. Two issues here 1. the sugar content mentioned aboveand 2. they are served straight from the fridge (another site said they should only be fed veggies at room temp).

Is this a case of humans as usual being more stupid than animals and they actually know whats good or bad for them?

Help!!! :?