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Rabbit Edibles

:lol: AmberUK, Virginia Richardson does a good book on Rabbit Nutrition, it's got colour pictures and descriptions of edible wild plants in it too. I think it costs around £6 or £7.
Anybunny know if 'doc' leaves are ok? the only way to describe these is the things we used to rub on stinging nettle stings lol???

Fanks muchly x

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Louise said:-According to Virginia Richardson in Rabbit Lopeadia BINDWEED is safe to feed. I feed it to my Rabbit's two/three tme's a week and I have done for the past few months with no probs.

Lynda said:-
According to Virginia Richardson MRCVS (Rabbit Nutrition book), Bindweed/Convolvulus is listed under the most poisonous plants on page 38.

Coincidentally I bought the Rabbitlopaedia today and I've checked it does say bindwind is OK to feed whereas the rabbit nutrition book by the same author says that its poisonous. Confusing or what. The rabbitlopaedia also says not to feed cabbage as too much has been found to cause goitre in rabbits.
mubby dosnt seem to eat much hay....

the hay i have is very dusty :? i bought it from a large pet store....

it was the only hay they had :?

is there different types of hay ????

nic x
yes there are Nic, timothy hay is best if you can get it. Do you know any riding stables, they might have some good quality stuff. We get ours in McCash's in Perth. Ask Angela (Thumps) where she gets hers.
Hi, a few questions, my rabbits are now having a nice lot of veg and one piece of fruit a day, I have a new very timid GP who is a year old and will not each much. Is it right that they can have more fruit than the rabbits? Can rabbits eat pinapple and can either of them have the green on top of the pineapple? And lastly can they both eat banana skin?
Thanks for your help :)
Claire, GPs need plenty of vitamin C so encourage your shy little one to eat by offering him a nice wide variety of fresh fruit and veges every day. He will soon show you which ones he likes. It's unusual for a piggie to be a shy feeder, cos they generally are little eating machines. Maybe have his general health/teeth checked? Pineapple I know IS good for rabbits (it apparently help prevent furballs or fur blockages or something). About the tops and about banana skins, I don't know. Banana is OK in small quantities (can be fattening).
i usually just have a normal whatever you call it cabbage, my dad got me some bits for the rabbits and a whole sweet heart cabbage just wanted to check its ok for them to eat before i gave them some.
On the list of safe foods is radish leaves.

What about the actual radish?

I have just bought some radish with leaves, will just give the leaves for now, so does anyone know? . . .
Can bunnies eat privet hedge? I'm not planning on feeding them vast quantities, it's just that the house we're buying has a hedge curving round the patio and I want to know if it's safe for them to be nibbling at it, or if I need to fence it off and maybe think about getting rid of it.
Nope Privet hedge leaves are poisonous, not a good idea. Although I did read somewhere that the berries are ok, but what's the point when there are other delicious things to eat instead. I'd get rid of it and build a fence or a wall (remembering rabbits can jump high and dig deep!)

As for radishes, not sure about this one but do know that some people give them to their buns. It may be that the buns themselves just don't like the peppery taste. So jury's out on that one.
Hi All,

Is mange tout ok? My Elvis loves it along with little cabbage leaves, peeled slices of apple and the occasional sprout. For some reason he wont eat carrots!

Strange little bunny!

Lots of people seem to give their buns mange tout, however I don't but that's only my choice. I don't give any peas or pods to my buns. There seems to be several schools of thought:

- peas are not to be given, but pods are ok
- all parts (pea and pod) can be given
- peas are poisonous (?)

So I guess it's up to you, sorry if that's not much help :lol: :roll:
Thanks Lynda,

Elvis loves it, hes been eating it for a few weeks and cant get enough of it along with celery and apple.

I was just a bit concerned as it isnt on any of the lists on here.