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Possible cancerous lump on cheek :(


Warren Scout
I feel my bunnies’ cheeks quite often to check for lumps etc and yesterday my heart sank when I found one on Rosie’s cheek :( It’s round and firm like a pea. I thought abscess so took her to a gold standard rwaf vet who was great. He took a needle biopsy and said he thinks it’s cancer not an abscess, results are back in 4 days (after the weekend). Has anyone had similar that has been successfully treated / removed? It’s equally between her eye and jawline so is in an awkward position to operate on :(
She’s just turning 8 years old but still seems like a young bun.
Sorry to hear this Elaine. I had one Bunny, Uncle Albert, who developed a Fibrosarcoma, but in his mouth as opposed to on his head. These tumours seldom metastasise, but often recur after removal.

Uncle A had two op’s to remove the tumour. The ops being about 6 months apart. When the second op was done my Vet was not able to remove all of it with a clear margin because doing so would have damaged a big blood vessel and it’s unlikely that it Would be possible to stop the bleeding. When the tumour grew back for a third time we had to let Uncle A go. He was about 11 by then.

I hope that if your Rabbit’s mass does turn out to be malignant there will be some treatment options. Even if not curative but to buy her a bit more time.
Thank you, I suppose at least that’s good to hear they don’t often metastasise. I’m sorry to hear about Uncle Albert but glad the ops helped him.
Praying Rosie will be ok :(
The vet just rang, I missed his call as I was doing the washing up (that’ll teach me!) but he left an answerphone message saying it’s good news it doesn’t appear to be malignant 👏 He still wants to do the operation though due to the place it’s in - it covers her chop on one side so it could cause problems if not removed and grows. So I’ll be worrying about the op but at least that’s some good news and he’s going to call me later.
I hope the op goes well. It won't bother her, but it could look a bit gruesome for a while afterwards as she may have half a face shaved and obvious wound / stitches. Just be prepared as it can be a bit of a shock, even if you are expecting it.