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Paint fumes

Hi guys, I am currently in the process of bonding my 2 rabbits. So while they are living in the bathroom I thought I would take the opportunity to paint the kitchen where the normally live. Planning on using Dulux paint but what im wondering is if the fumes will be dangerous to the rabbits. I will keep both the doors closed and the windows in both rooms open. Will this be safe enough?

I also wondered what wood stains are rabbits safe?

Thanks for your help.

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As they won't be in there for a while, and you have doors closed where they are and windows open it should be fine
I've house bunnies & done a lot of decorating. I've just kept them out of that room with windows open til the paint has dried & there is no odour. Some paints are stinkier than others I find. I'm not aware of what stains are rabbit safe (unless you want to do a dIY one & boil up some bark or whatever). I just used colron wood stains on our skirtings but i'm blessed not to have big chewers. if I did I'd prefer they chewed stained wood over gloss painted
I've decorated with the buns in the house before too, and it's not a problem. I prefer Crown paint as it's less whiffy, and I also put a towel along the base of the door to close the gap. That seemed to be fine enough.
Thank you. :) I managed to do it and they are totally fine. Room well ventilated and very little smell anyway.

Does anyone know if this stuff is ok to paint their enclosure.


It looks to be but just wondered if anyone had used it before.

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I think its difficult to get any conclusive info about safety - even if something is labelled pet safe I wouldn't necessarily be happy with it.

Looking at the product you linked I have no idea. I wouldn't varnish anything bunny accessible but I can't tell if that product is a varnish. The little greene paint company might be worth looking at. I assume if stuff has a lower environmental impact it must be less toxic to buns too. In my uneducated opinion I like to wood stain then use walnut oil to condition & add sheen. Not suitable for outside though