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Newly adopted bunny, rough start :/

Hello there!

I recently adopted my bunny, thumper 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, we have had a really bad start. The first week was great. He was munching away at his food, pooping plenty, and playing like a normal bunny. All of a sudden, one day I noticed he barely touched his greens and didn't touch his pellets. I immediately took him to the vet. Unfortunately this vet was terrible They gave me 5 different meds with no instructions. I was meant to give him his meds 2 times a day and his pills once a day. He barely took any of the meds. He would refuse to swallow the liquid and would refuse to eat the pills, even in a treat. He'd just eat around the pill. He was traumatized by the car ride to the vet, and by me having to force feed him medicine for the past week. It wasn't a great situation. We're supposed to be bonding..

We got an appointment with a different vet. They gave us different meds (propulsid and lactone) and told us they never would have prescribed any of the **** the other vet gave us.
They gave me a great demonstration on giving him his meds. And while I've been able to get him to take his meds now, the past week has been an absolute nightmare.

Again, traumatized by the car ride (this better vet was an hour drive each way), traumatized by the syringe fed medicine, AND to top it off my ******* apartment community had a mandatory inspection. They told me they'd be to me by 9:15am. They were a whole HOUR late which led to bunnies whole day being disrupted. I had to take him to the bathroom to keep him away from the guy, 20 minutes go by no one comes or calls so I call and they told me they're running late and it'll be 15 more minutes. Okay fine, but why didn't you call me 20 minutes ago? 40 minutes go by and the guy FINALLY comes! At this point thumper was SO upset to be out of his enclosure/safe space for an hour just freaking out in the bathroom.

Anyways, he's taking his meds but he's not returning to normal as soon as I'd like. I'm at a loss for what to do. He's barely pooping, only really eating at night (he has major munchies at night. Is this normal? I do NOT want to take him back to the vet!! Not unless absolutely necessary! The poor thing has had enough trauma. I'm really doing the best I can but I'm feeling so desperate and wondering if I'm a terrible pet owner. Is there any chance of us bonding in the future after such a horrible start? I fear he's never going to forgive me and it's over for us, he's always just going to be the bunny we keep alive and fed but hates us :( I'm so distraught right now over this whole thing. Any advice is welcome.


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Hmmmm it's hard to say what the cause is but if he's not eating properly he really needs to go back to the vet unfortunately, rabbits can go downhill very quickly if they don't eat. You haven't mentioned whether he gets any hay, this should be the major component of any rabbit's diet as it helps their teeth. Obviously you've both had a bad experience with the first vet (I've never heard of a vet trying to give a rabbit pills before - I'd be trying to get a refund on that if I were you!), but did the second vet say what they thought the cause of him not eating could be?
You say he is eating at night so maybe he is used to that routine and so long as he is eating he should be all right. I would now give him plenty of time to settle down, talking quietly to him now and then. He needs lots of Hay to keep his teeth in good order, a small amount of Pellets and small amount of veg.
Hope Thumper is doing ok. Dont worry about him not bonding yet and being disrupted he will gradually forget all about the medication, etc and settle into his nice caring home with you.