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New Set Up


Mama Doe
Hi Everyone

Just wanted to share a photo of my new set up. I've changed it from how it was before as when I had Daisy put to sleep a few weeks a go I was sure I wasn't going to have anymore buns so cleared the room and gave things to a local rescue. That didn't last long and I was back on RR looking as rescues within a few days!

I had an RSPCA home check yesterday and I'm just waiting to find out if I've passed. I've got two beautiful 18 week lops reserved :love:

It's from Ikea, only £14. I brought one for my niece at Christmas and saw them again yesterday when I went to get a baby gate. It comes with bed clothes as its for dolls but I've put a small pet mat on there instead. The cuddly rabbits are from there as well :love:

There's a pic on the manor pet housing Facebook page of a lady using one in her set up so I stole the idea!
Stunning beauties are going to have an amazing home! I look forward to an updated photo of the room with the bunnies :love:
Fantastic set up, the ideas are really cool - might have to borrow a few... ;) the bunnies are little sweeties, happy settling in little ones - you've got a five star home there! :love: