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Alpha Buck

Could anyone recommend a nebuliser I could buy please? I’m based in the UK. My vet has recommended one for zigs. Poor lad’s often snotty.

I have something similar. Get a brand that you can get spares for easily.
Lidl sometimes has nebulisers in as well. Or try local pharmacist for a table top one like the Omron (rather than a small hand-held one for humans).
I don't know the brands but I was using Omron when I was in Turkey and it was a bit noisy. I think you can pay attention to less noise when buying a nebulizer.
Thanks everyone! Do you just use saline solution for a bunny with snuffles?

Thanks I will be buying the one you recommended Sarah.
You can buy vials of sterile saline for nebulisers (eg on Amazon). The aim of a nebuliser is to make the particles much smaller so that they reach deeper into the lungs when they are breathed in, so be careful to use something suitable.
Thank you Shimmer- so do I just need to purchase the saline? Sorry if this sounds like a mega stupid question!
Yes -just use the vials. You don't need much - 5 or 10ml from memory, per session.

Set up the machine so the tube / mask are feeding into a confined space. A cat carrier works well. I clipped the mask on the outside of the door, put the patient in the carrier (with whatever they are comfortable with on the floor - towel, newspaper etc) and cover the entire carrier with a towel to keep the vapour inside it. Load up the machine and switch on. Leave for the recommended time (5 or 10 mins?? - check - twice a day, usually). Rinse out the tubing etc after each use, as the salt will build up otherwise.

It's been a few years sine I've had to use a nebuliser, so check what the latest recommendations are.
I have used F10 antiseptic solution (not the F10 disinfectant) mixed with distilled water (get both from Amazon). And also saline mixed with Baytril injectable. My vet got the dosages from an exotics vet (mine has been used for guinea pigs).