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Myxi thread 2


Warren Veteran
Just wondering if there were any really early signs of myxi. I'll just a little worried because of Evo's squeaking (see other thread), even though he seems fine otherwise. Also concerned because myxi seems so resilient this year too. He went outside for the 1st time last Sat and the squeaking has developed since then. Have seen none of the signs such as swellings, and there is no discharge from the nose....he is totally himself really. I'm probably just being really paranoid :oops: .
Only asking because, we have to go away for the weekend, and og's brother is going to come round to feed him etc, and I'd like to check that he's ok just before we leave (we will be away 5pm Sat to 11pm Sun only). I know that oh's brother will look after him well, I just know that he wouldn't recognise any changes in behaviour like I would.
He was vaccinated last September, vet recommended once a year would be enough, because of the area, and because Evo's a house rabbit.
Am I being overly paranoid, or not?
A little paranoid perhaps but most bunny parents are :D Most obvious signs are swelling of the ears/eyes/face/genetals. Symptoms are generally quite fast to develop so I think its unlikely the squeaking is anything to do with myxy :)

Yes I agree with Dorothy, I would rather you were "paranoid" (CARING!) about your bunny Rallybunny than did not give a hoot.....you are lovely to be so concerned for her, and please be assured that "squeeking" is not a symptom of Myxomatosis.....perhaps Evo has had a mouse keeping her company recently and is just trying to talk back in the same "language" :lol:

Please do not fret any longer :D
Claude and miffy squeak all the time usually if i am trying to get them back in there cage or if i pick them up! they grunt aswell!