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Jack 01/06/2006 - 17/05/2023


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I can't possibly put into words a fit enough tribute for Jack so this will be brief, but plenty of pictures.

We met Jack on 27/12/2016, I'd heard about him through family/family friends, his owner had passed away and he was very sad and not coping well. He hadn't yet found a suitable home as he was snappy and didn't tolerate children grabbing him and couldn't be housed with cats. We took him home the day we met him! He took a while to settle as was clearly still grieving his previous owner. He came to us with a proper poodle hair cut so rather funny looking and already had huge character, he soon made himself at home. He loved the park, chasing balls and his toys.

He went everywhere with us, the easiest dog to take on the train, buses, any location he'd happily settle. He has been on many holidays, various places in the lake District, hebden bridge, Filey, Scarborough, robin hood's bay and Cropton forest.

He's had loads of doggy friends over the years. He was only scared of big dogs and certain breeds otherwise he enjoyed saying hello to doggies. He particularly loved Pomeranians and chihuahuas, or other super fluffy breeds!

He had so many fans, people fell in love with his usual looks! Although he is quite aloof with strangers. He battled many health problems although you'd never know he was sick, he had bladder stones, gallbladder sludge, high liver values, arthritis, diabetes and lastly non healing eye ulcers. He came through any ops brilliantly and was so brave, although tricky at the vets due to his nature!

Right up until the end we couldn't go anywhere without people coming over and asking about him, he's been called a bear, raccoon, fox, Paddington Bear and the gruffolo!

He ended his life so peacefully, he went on a final trip to the beach to lie in the sea air and feel the sea and sand on his paws, enjoyed meals his health didn't allow him to have before of chicken, egg and rice, and had a picnic including sardines and banana on his last day. He went round his favourite walk and at the vets he ate cheese as the sedation relaxed him, we were by his side telling him how loved he is, and that his previous owner will be waiting for him. He was almost gone at just the sedation alone, his body ready. We are so grateful he got to meet our daughter, and we can't wait to tell her about him as she grows up.

Jack, you've been the best boy, life is so incredibly sad without you. But I take comfort in all the memories we have and that you ended life so peacefully. You will always be loved and missed :love:

I would love to add more pictures from his life but I just have so many, so only recent ones are below.

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Oh bless him, such a full and happy life, all the experiences he had, and all the love he was shown. So pleased he got to meet your little girl too. Sleep tight little Jack xxx
That was a lovely tribute, Liz. You did Jack proud. :love:
I can imagine how you must be feeling, but you did right by him and he clearly had the best home he could with you. Bless you and your family as you miss your dear friend. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

Run free, Jack. xxxxx
His prior owner wouldbe so pkeased to know he got so much love and attention from you and your family.
Your tribute to him and your account of his final days shows how lucky he was to have you and your family in his life. Lovely pictures too.
Thank you everyone. I decided to add more pics, going back to 2017

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He hated hot weather, loved snow! When he used to be able to sleep on our bed/jump up he'd always go to the end when he got too hot. He used to always lie down with his paws crossed too!

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He was such a lovely dog and he had a great happy life. Lovely tribute and photos :love:

Run free at the bridge, Jack xx

Thinking of you and sending hugs xx
What an amazing life he had :love:In his younger years he looked quite like Morse’s Brother Barnaby.

You will miss Jack so much, of that I am sure :cry:

RIP Jack :love: :cry: :love:
Thank you everyone. He's a very similar breed, German Spitz X poodle! He looks different depending on his fur length/hair cut!

The crematorium brought him back this morning, his ashes are in this photo frame :love:

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That is one of the most lovely tributes I ever read. What a life & what care & devotion he received. I smiled at the names strangers have given him, I think bear suits. Such a cutie & big personality.

Sleep tight Jack :love: xx
What a gorgeous boy, its clear his life was filled with so much love and care! Sorry you lost him, it sounds like you did absolutely everything to make his final days as joyful as you could.
Thank you everyone. He's a very similar breed, German Spitz X poodle! He looks different depending on his fur length/hair cut!

The crematorium brought him back this morning, his ashes are in this photo frame :love:

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That is a beautiful photo of him, and such a lovely way to treasure his ashes. Thinking of you Liz xx
Gosh, all those lovely photos of him. He was truly loved and doted on. I really like the frame/urn. That's a beautiful picture of him in it. :love:
Home again forever. :love: Sweet dreams, precious boy. And more hugs for you, Liz. ((((((Hugs))))) xxxxx