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Mama Doe
:lol: well I've just spent an hour or so grooming my two very moulty bunnies so at the mo and I think I would definately now pass for Mrs Father Christmas!!

Could you folks help me out here please:-

I have a grooming comb and a brush but even after an hours grooming I don't seem to be able to get them hairless if you know what i mean. The comb does seem to get some of the hair out but then when I run my hand over my bunnies back - still loads more comes out - :?

Is there a secret way to de moult bunnies which I don't know about - come on bunny experts tell me your secret :?: or I'll send my hairy bunny monsters after you :shock:
When they are moulting heavily I only use the comb to finish them off. Most of the lose fur I get rid of by plucking. Thats just gently tugging at tufts of fur with your finger/thumb. A lot of bunnies moult in lines starting from the top/head downwards and along the edge is where the losest fur is. Alfie has moulted down to his bum and where to top of him is short and the unmouted bits long he looks like he's wearing a nappy :lol:

I'll take one it abit :) Its quite interesting where he's moulting you can see all the shades of colour in his fur. He's grey until the very tips of his fur, only the last 5 mm (quater of an inch) is actually brown.

Hi! When I have finished combing or brushing bunnies, I go over their coats with a baby wipe, as it collects up all the loose fur....I do this daily when bunnies are moulting too, and it seems to be very effective.....at least I do not end up looking like Mrs Christmas.. :lol: :lol:
Oh thanks so much for the tip Rexy Bexy, I will order some of that now :D
I have found that adding vitamin drops to the bunnies drinking water also speeds up the moult..have you tried that rexy Bexy??.
If there is something specific to help the moult though, I will try that instead....says she as she zooms across to Dr Squiggles web site :lol: :lol:
:) :)

Thanks for the help guys and gals - Tams I like the idea of gentle plucking - that sounds like a great stress buster - could sit and do that for hours!!

Pretty Please - Pickie of Alfie's nappy!!! :lol: :lol:
hi adele.
havnt used it my self but know some people who have and say it works wonders. dr squiggel also does lots of other stuff for buns like stress water with probiotic in for babies i know some pet shops and breedes use this to prevent bloat and stress