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Home made rabbit toys?

yep he's cool as a cucumber :roll:

we would be up for that aswell but organising the bunny run sounds a right kerfuffle! and then what if they don't bond? at least with the ones that are more local he can go and choose his own lil pal :rabbit2:
Hay and veg tubes


And the veggie box

Thanks guys for tips and photos:D

I never thought of baby rattbles.. got lots from when my little girl was a baby.

I also did think of kitchen roll and cardboard box's but thought if they eat it, it will harm them:oops:

Thanks again! Will try and get pic up of them.
Most shops receive their giant display posters in large cardboard tubes. Hubby got some from work which are just bunny sized and about 4 feet long. We've had them outside for the best part of a year being rained on, dug and chewed. The buns love them and they didn't cost a penny.

Check Lidl Offers 17 December 2020 on OffersTW.

We once cut a little hole in one (a bigger one was too much effort!) and Cadbury used to sit and stick the tip of his nose through it :lol:

The best toys we've bought are the treat ball which they have their pellets in most nights, the big rattan balls as they are the only ones that last and best of all was the fleece covered cat bed that was on clearance in PAH. They love to loll on top of it and hide underneath!
i hang a towel over those little plastic stools
so that it reaches the ground and they love to creep under the towel to hide then dash out, then sit on top.