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Help needed


Alpha Buck
Hello everyone
I am off for two weeks at the start of October, finally got something sorted it has been off and on so many times. I have a friend looking after my bunnies for me. However, I have a couple of bunnies who do need quite a bit of TLC, so am asking if there is anyone in Hampshire or surrounding area who would be able to take them for me for the two weeks i am away. I can provided indoor cages.

The bunnies in question are:

Benjamin - 8 year old Angora x with Catarracts, kept on vet bed, so this needs changing daily.

Bumble and Melissa - 7yrs and 1 yr. Bumble - muscle wastage in back legs so poor mobility, Melissa can be a bit mucky round the bum, so just needs keeping an eye on, lately she has been fine. Mini lops.

Pookie - mini lop with attitude - really cute, but just needs a rabbit savy auntie for two weeks.

All vaccinated.

Bedding etc will be provided.

Any offers?

Annie :D
Awwwwww Annie, wish you were closer I'd quite happily offer to look after somebunny. Aberdeen would be a bit far for them. Hopefully you'll get some offers soon. They all sound lovely but if you want pop Benjamin in the post to me plllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeeeeeeee :D

I'd have to ask my folks of course, but if they're up for it then so am I.

Poor Branwen though, she'll have gone for only bun to having to share us. Oh well, I'm sure she won't mind.

Will keep you posted. :)
I'd like to help you out but the only space I have to put a cage is in my sons bedroom the same room as my psycho bun Fudge, I'm not sure how that would work? and I only have room for one cage?
if I was nearer then i would have happily taken care of them for you . On second thoughts tho , with cheeky having pasturella I wouldn,t put your bunnys at risk so maybe not . Hope you find someone soon.