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Alpha Buck
Harry (Harribo) French Lop

February 2015 - February 2022

Yesterday we lost our beautiful boy. He had been quiet for a couple of days but yesterday morning refused his breakfast. I let him sit in the garden and booked him an emergency appointment. They couldn’t see him until the evening and my poor boy died in his carrier, in the car, on the way. He made a terrible wheezing sound four times and just died. I opened the front of the carrier and stroked him the whole time so hopefully he knows I was there for him.

Harry was the biggest, friendliness, cuddliest, cleverest bunny I had ever had. He had teeth, eye and hock problems throughout his life but he never complained and let me medicate and nurse him before and after his vet appointments. He was simply the BEST.

Harry, we all loved you and we will all miss you. You will leave a massive rabbit shaped hole in our hearts. I wish I could have saved you somehow.

RIP my baby boy. Love you forever.
I'm so very sorry to hear that you have lost Harry, he sounded a lovely bunny, and I'm sure he knew how much you loved him, and were with him at the end. Big hugs for you, run free Harry xxx
I am so sorry you lost your sweet boy. There is no doubt in my mind that he knew you were there for him.

The same thing happened to me many years ago. It was devastating at the time, though at least he did not spend his final moments getting diagnostics.
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I'm so, so sorry you've lost your beautiful Harry, and in the way you did, too. :( I think he must've known you were there for him, too, and that you loved him very much.
Binkey free beautiful gentle Harry.
He was clearly a deeply loved and cared for rabbit - he couldn’t ask for more in his life and you were always there to care for him and provide that support when he needed it.
Hugs to you. X