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Fitch litter?


Young Bun
Does anyone use this for buns’ litter trays? I use back 2 nature and like it but just wondering about (potentially cheaper) alternatives 🐰
I buy hemp fitch by the big bale. I use it for all the small furries now. For the rabbits and guinea pigs it goes on the bottom of the litter trays with a layer of hay on top. It composts really well. Not as absorbent in the same way as eg paper based litters - it tends to just stay wet in that area, rather than being soaked up throughout - but that means you can spot clean more easily. It's also easier on delicate feet as it's not as lumpy as traditional litter (eg for G Pigs).

It's very flyaway - so be careful if using it outside on a windy day. :LOL:

I have used it for small rodents, but it might be a bit dusty for some eg those who dig tunnels in glass tanks.