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FAQ: Homecheck/Transport Requests


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This section of the forum will just be used for rescues to make requests for volunteers to do homechecks or help with transport.

You will need permission to post in this section.


Make sure that posts have a clear title stating the type of help needed and the location e.g. 'Homecheck Needed in Coventry' or 'Transport Needed between Norwich and Leicester'.

Include further details in the post on exactly what help is needed, when and who to contact if you can help.

Receiving Alerts

To receive and email when a new help request is made please subscribe to the forum. Click the 'forum tools' button, then select 'subscribe to This forum' and select the type of notification you'd like to receive.
Please could you ask those requesting bunnyruns, adoptions, or homechecks to put Sorted on, when it has been, as now the site is getting bigger, I don't have time to read everything on here( like many I suspect)so have to chose a few from each section to read. It's then a shame to read through all the posts to find it has been sorted and help is no longer needed. Or is there a way to individually delete posts?

Also sometimes I reply to a post but later can't remember the topic heading so can't get back to it. Is there any way to keep an individual group of favourite posts please?
mant thanks- Sue:wave:
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Hi, is there anyway i can access to post in the rescue section please as i am a rescue?

Would like to put a homecheck

PM Soad, she sorted it out for me. Alternitly pm any admin on site now with the details and they can post it on your behalf, just to get this one sorted!
**Bunny Transport Available**

My work takes me all over the UK and I'd be very happy to act as a bunny taxi if it wasn't too far from the route I was already taking. I'm on the South Leics/Northants border and I work from home so that is always my start & end point. This week I'm going to Oldbury (B'ham), London and Reading :D
home checks

I can do home checks in my area if needed. If it is what I think it is, where I go to chek out the conditions of where an adoptee bun will live to make sure it meets standards from the adopting home. The Ely area of Cambridgeshire.

hi iam new here, i used to take in rabbits that were abused and abandonned sometimes even on my doorstep, which i did all myself orginally i used to have 36 cages in my back garden eventually found them new loving homes, and gave up this 6yrs ago. but now i do homechecks and fostering for dogs iam more then happy to help foster in the dartford kent area as well as do homechecks if you need me please inbox me. thanks and hi to everyone:wave: