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Endeavour 3rd March 2013 - 22nd March 2023


Wise Old Thumper
Endeavour, thank you for the privilege of sharing your life. From meeting you and your Mum ‘Angel’ when you were 4 weeks old



You were always a cheeky, fun loving boy




I think that you had a happy life Endeavour, despite developing early onset arthritis when you were only two years of age. First you had a Doe friend called Eliza Doolittle



and then with your big girl Aoife





And of course you were so very handsome



Endeavour, you will be loved and missed forever. I had to let you go as no amount of analgesia was able to control your pain any more. Farewell for now my precious Bunny


Beautiful pictures and a fitting tribute to such a handsome and much loved bunny!
Sweet dreams Endeavour.
I'm so sorry Jane.:cry:
Endeavour Rex was a very lovely rabbit, who was very cherished as an RU bunny. We loved being able to see him enjoy a perfect life, firstly with Eliza Doolittle and more recently with the very beautiful Aoife. I think you did extremely well to keep him comfortable for just over 9 years, but I fully support your decision today. Sadly sometimes there are no options remaining :cry:

Massive hugs, Jane. I know you will miss him and I'm so very sorry :cry:
So sorry for your loss. It was good to find out more about his life and see that baby pic. Beautiful boy x
Oh no.... :cry::cry::cry:
Jane I have no words. I'm so very sorry for you and Aoife. I'm crushed by this news so I can imagine the depth of grief you're feeling. He was indeed such a wonderful little bunny and his life was full and rich in your care.
((((((((Huge hugs))))))
Sleep peacefully Endeavour. Thank you for being part of all our lives. xxxxx
Peacefully passing away at home on my lap with my dear friend and Vet by our side


My heart is broken, but Endeavour is now free from the pain he could no longer endure. I am forever grateful to my Vet and friend for giving him the most peaceful and dignified passing and for her care and compassion to both of us x
I'm so sorry you had to let Endeavour go, you have such lovely memories and I'm pleased to read his passing was comfortable and peaceful. Thinking of you xx
I'm sorry you lost your boy Endeavour, he was the best boy and ever hungry.Binky free at the bridge,all well and whole again reunited with his rabbit companions.💕x
I’m so sorry to read this post Jane. Endeavour was a truly magnificent bunny who had the life he truly deserved with you. He will always hold a special place here. Binkey free magnificent Endeavour. Xx
Aww, so sorry for your loss Jane.
He certainly was a very beautiful rabbit and you looked after him so very very well.
Sleep tight Endeavour xx
Jane, I saw this Wednesday evening, yet had to regain my composure before I could tell you how deeply sorry I am that you had to let go of your beautiful bunny, inside and out.
I have seen many photos of him over the years, yet the ones you choose for this tribute capture him in a special way.
He looks a lot like his mum.
His baby picture is adorable, yet he grew more handsome over the years.
He looks so content getting his impeccably clean fur soiled in the dirt!
He never looked his age and he lived life to the fullest. It seems Endeavour was more than his name, it was his philosophy on life.
He was so fortunate to have been surrounded by so much love, with his mum, you, Eliza and Aoife. I have no doubt he had a happy life.
Freeing him from his pain was a wonderful gift to him.
I am sending you gentle hugs and some for Aoife too!
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