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Digging box?


Young Bun
Can I ask what people use inside digging boxes for their rabbits, mine are long haired, so not sure about soil, but ideas appreciated??
Mine live outside and like digging tunnels in the soil. They are all longhaired - the soil doesn't stick in their coats.
Years ago I used soil & play sand. Gonna get an indoor one for my boy though - was thinking of using sand & soil again but then maybe I'll try first with coconut coir as that is cleaner
I'm using sand, but I've used soil and coconut coir in the past, and they all work well. I don't have long-haired bunnies, though, but I don't think sand would stick in their fur, at least. Coconut coir might, though, I think, because it has a kind of uneven structure that I can see getting stuck in long hair.
Digging Box

I may try soil as I worry sand might get in their eyes, was going to pop a picture on but cant find how?
What did you decide on? I bought some coconut coir & the underbed storage box I'm using today & ordered 10k of play sand from amazon. On amazon searching play sand I saw some really nice digging bits /sand boxes. eddy would like the ship
In the end I fond some cheap play sand in Lidl and bought a bag of that, they soon dug in it pooped in it and spread it everywhere, just wondering if I can afford anymore as it seems rather expensive to renew regularly, wasnt sure if I should top up or remove the poops and top up or start from scratch .....need to find a cheaper alternative if I am going to keep chucking it away!!!
I've got long-haired bunnies too. For digging boxes, I use a mix of child-safe play sand and straw. The sand allows them to dig and burrow, and the straw adds some fluffiness. Plus, it's easy to clean.