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Coccidiosis- All Rabbit Owners Should be Aware of This

mmm most places seem to suggest that the life cycle of the the coccidia is from time of infection to shedding of the oocysts....is roughly 4 to 14 days....:shock:
We lost one years ago to Coccidiosis and three others were extremely ill, still no idea where it came from :?

One died at 14 months old under neutering but we think he had a heart problem anyway

One died of mxyi aged 3

And the one who was at deaths door when she arrived at the vets is still going strong aged 6
:wave: hi hun. omg i didnt know it was a coccidia..or maybe i forgot:oops:

but who can forget you losing your beloved buns to myxi:(

ahh would that be a certain warrior bun;) give her a nosey rub xxx