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Charlie. April 2008-2nd November 2021


Wise Old Thumper
I can't even begin to express how gutted I am to be writing this. I got Charlie as a teenager and I'm now in my 30s, I've never known adult life without my lovely daft boy.
I don't visit the forum oftem now but it would feel wrong to not post this here. He's why I joined the forum so long ago and met so many great people.

The room feels so empty without him.

I'm really sorry, I can't even imagine how you felt. But I'm glad you had a great time with him , he sleep in the lights xxxxxx
I'm really sorry to hear about Charlie. He had an amazing and long life :love: thinking of you xx
I'm so very sorry to read this update about Charlie :cry: Sleep tight wonderful little man :love:
I’m so sorry :cry:thinking of you and sending hugs xx

Binky free at the bridge, Charlie xx
I can't believe it. :cry:. I've only known you and Charlie and of course Milly at the bridge. This must be incredibly heartbreaking for you. We are here to help. X
I am so sorry Charlie had to go to the rainbow bridge. May your 13 years of memories help you deal with the pain of losing your adorable boy.:cry:
I loved seeing your Charlie :love: such a handsome & cheeky looking boy. I'm so sorry his time came - that is going to be some hole he left :(

Sleep tight lovely boy xx
I'm so very sorry that you have lost your beloved Charlie, what a wonderful long life he had with you, big hugs Steph xx Binky free lovely Charlie xxx
Oh Steph...I'm gutted to read this post. :cry: I'm so very sorry that Charlie has gone. :cry: My inbox is open if you need an ear at this very sad time. ((((((Massive hugs)))))))

Sweet dreams, precious boy. You will be so deeply missed. :cry: xxxxx
Such sad news. He had a good long life but that probably makes you miss him even more. Sending love from Bertieville. xx
I’m so very very sorry to hear you’ve lost Charlie, Steph. He was a big personality and I remember you and he a lot from the ‘Olden days’. My thoughts are with you.

Binky free Charlie xx
i'm so sorry about Charlie.
He was a beautiful bun. it sounds like he had a long and wonderful life with you.