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Bunny Not eating 3 weeks HELP

Hello I have a 3 year old bunny who stopped eating. I have been syringe feeding him and I see him sometimes nibble on some hay or greens but not a lot (very very tiny amount). He is energetic otherwise no change in his behavior. I treated him for GI Stasis at first with over the counter stuff but after I saw no change I took him to the vet. They took xray of his belly and couldnt find any abnormality but still gave him some motility meds. A week later still no improvement. His poop is tiny (compared to regular) and I dont know what could be the problem. The vet didnt think his teeth are the problem but im wondering since he does seems to eat things that are soft (tiny amounts) also very odd is that he gets excited when he sees me handling his food and then goes to his plate with excitement but just wont eat.

Has anyone experienced this?Any help appreciated
If the vet has confirmed no blockage, I would increase the syringe feeding (or from a saucer if he will eat it that way) with one of the critical care type powders until his appetite and poo return to normal. You won't get output without input. Small poo indicates not much food input.

Meanwhile, I would get his teeth looked at again. It's very difficult to assess them in a conscious rabbit, so he may need sedating - plus additional xrays to see the tooth roots. I would also monitor his weight once or twice a week
I'm currently in a similar situation, although not as much as this, and I'm watching it. You should definitely monitor his weight. It's interesting how he gets excited about food and then doesn't eat it. I agree with Shimmer, I would also consider the possibility of having teeth, I would want them to look at his teeth in detail. I hope he gets better soon
Sending positive vibes. I agree it could be related to his mouth, teeth or jaw. He wants to eat, yet something is hurting him. Is he on a y pain med?
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Getting excited about food but then not eating it is what my bunnies do when they have dental issues, so I agree with the others to get his teeth checked again, possibly under sedation if nothing is found while he's awake, like Shimmer said, and do skull x-rays to check the roots. I'm a bit surprised that after your bunny hasn't been eating for three weeks your vets haven't done more tests aside from an x-ray of his belly. Do your vets have a lot of experience with rabbits? If they've determined that his belly is fine, then he's not going to get better with just syringe feeding and gut motility meds, so I wonder why they haven't done more work to try to find out why he's not eating. He'll need pain relief, too, like bunny momma mentioned, since whatever is causing his not eating is likely causing him pain, and he likely has a tummy ache because of not getting enough food as well (like the tiny poops signify.)

Also, I know you won't have meant any harm, but next time, please don't try to treat GI stasis with over the counter stuff or at home. It's unlikely to help, and it just delays your bunny getting the vet treatment he needs. When they're not eating normally, it's always important to get your bunny to the vet as soon as possible. I'm sending your bunny lots of vibes. It's good that he's energetic, at least. :)
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