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Bonded pair - please help


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Help with bonded pair​


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Hello all 👋🏼 We have two bonded bunnies. A buck (3yrs) and a doe (1.5yrs). Both neutered as babies. He's always been very confident and she's very timid. Bonded properly and slowly. The are house bunnies who live in our big kitchen.
They've been living together happily together for about 1.25 years now, sometimes have a little chase/scuffle but not often and also started by her- she's the submissive one. During the bonding process, you could tell they both really wanted to be the dominant one but after a long time, she gave in.
So pur problem is, for a few months the boy started losing fur. At first we thought it was a big moult as heading towards winter. Then it got worse. Took him to the vets as wasn't sure what was going on, they said he seems totally fine a d healthy so suggested it could be his wife. We treated them both with mite treatment, just in case, but it wasn't that. Please note: they always go to the vets together as bonded.
So, tonight we SAW her going for him and pull some fur out. They are now sat cuddled up and grooming. What do we do? How can we help? It's been going on for months but can't be nice for him :(
What does he do when she pulls his fur and what is going on just prior to her doing it ?

Where on his body is she pulling fur from ?
We're not really sure what's going on prior, it just seems to happen. He runs away and she'll chase after him. It's on his back.20231222_182026.jpg
To be able to understand what might be going on I need more context. Do you have any videos of what happens ?

The area that fur is missing from is an unusual place for fur pulling caused by another Rabbit. But another primary issue causing fur loss could then make the area a place of interest to the other Rabbit.

Has the Rabbit with the missing the fur had any recent vaccinations or injections over the last few weeks ?

Did the Vet take a skin scraping for microscopic examination ?