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Best way to give a French lop oral antibiotics?


Mama Doe
As per title. She's not much of a cuddle bun and is currently very upset with me after having an abscess under her chin drained this morning! I don't want to upset her further, but she needs her mess! Advice please! Xxx
Syringing is best but if you can't syringe then try mixing it in to her food.

I've got syringes from the vets. Just how to get it into her mouth, bearing in mind her chin will be very sore too.
Also she lives with another bunny so putting it in food is difficult. She has no teeth too, but to add to the fun!:shock::shock:
I catch them, place the between my knees whilst I kneel on the floor and put the syringe into the mouth by going in next to their front teeth :)
I made a video explaining how I do it. Bit raw as Grims passed away this morning. But if he can help another bunny get better I know he'd be happy.